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You have seen new vehicle models that include automated driver assistance safety features. You have also experienced new vehicles that you can direct by voice commands. You probably have not already seen a vehicle that offers a total package, like the cars that integrate Genesis Connected Services into their technology regimen. This intuitive suite of technology helps drivers in Knoxville by preventing distracted driving and simplifying tech use within Genesis brand vehicles. Leaving the automated processes to the vehicle's functionality allows drivers to enjoy their time on the road and stay safer while doing so.

How Does It Work?

Many types of vehicles offer similar controls and functions, so what makes Genesis Connected Services stand out from the rest? Right from the beginning, this programming combines every system within a Genesis vehicle into one entity. This simplicity between tech and safety processes within the cabin provides one focal point for drivers to maintain. Not only does this single action simplify the driving experience, but it also enhances safety right from the start.

Genesis Connected Services also combines three different systems into one. These systems consist of Connected Care, a Remote Package, and a Guidance Package. Competitors typically keep all these options separated, so Genesis Connected Services serves as a pioneer in bringing them all together to benefit the driver.

Connected Care Segment

The overall health of your vehicle plays into its ability to get passengers where they need to go in the Maryville, TN region. You can typically measure a car's health by routine maintenance efforts, safety feature integration, and alerts for driver convenience. Connected Care governs all these aspects in Genesis vehicles in Sevierville. Automatic Collision Notifications and Enhanced Roadside Assistance alerts proper authorities and gets you help when you need it the most.

Maintenance alerts and a monthly vehicle health report can help drivers stay aware of the condition of their vehicle and draw attention to any areas that may need repair or maintenance. Also, the Genesis App and Service Link integration allows drivers to remain aware, in control of, and always connected to their Genesis model. Simply put, the Connected Care Segment merges the best safety and maintenance features into a single concept.

Remote Package Inclusions

Oak Ridge, TN drivers no longer must remain in their vehicle to control it. While you will find some limitations for remote vehicle control, you can initiate, stop, or pause many simple functions remotely. Climate control, door locking and unlocking, and horn and light initiation all serve as functions that you can remotely control and come incorporated in the Genesis Connected Services suite.

The mobile app drivers have access to allows them to find local and quality care for their Genesis model. Another feature can immobilize or slow down your vehicle if it gets stolen. Other vehicle alerts that serve as safeguards in this package include speed and curfew maintenance, geo fence creation, and valet alert services.

Genesis Digital Key

Genesis Digital Key puts a variety of helpful features in the palm of your hand. This technology can transform your smartphone into a remote control and a hub for a wide range of Genesis features that allow you to take more control over your vehicle and your drive. Installing the Genesis Digital Key app opens up all sorts of opportunities, so we encourage you to explore the features of this helpful app to see how it can help you enhance your Genesis ownership experience.

Touch Controls

The Digital Key app allows you to lock or unlock the doors to your Genesis vehicle by simply touching your smartphone and NFC card key to the door handle. You can also use this feature to start your vehicle by placing your smartphone and NFC card on the wireless charging pad.

These touch controls keep command over your vehicle in the palm of your hand, allowing you to use your phone as a key so that you have fewer things to reach for when you get ready to head out on your adventures around Knoxville and Alcoa.

Remote Control

Using the Digital Key app also allows you to use your phone as a remote control in some instances, offering greater convenience. You can use your phone to command a variety of features from a distance, meaning you can get your next adventure started before you even leave your house.

One of the key remote control features is the ability to lock and unlock your car with your phone. Did you forget to lock your vehicle on your way out? Use your Digital Key app to save you a trip. You can also start your car remotely using your Digital Key. If you want to warm up or cool off your cabin so that it's the perfect temperature before you head out, you can use your phone to start your car ahead of time so that your cabin has time to settle before you get into the driver's seat.

You can even use your Digital Key to open or close your SUV's trunk from up to ten meters away to help with loading and unloading. Digital Key can make your Genesis experience easier and more convenient at every turn and in unexpected ways.

Additionally, the remote control function of the Digital Key can be used to control the emergency alarm.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa voice commands can help you take advantage of a variety of hands-free features so that you can enjoy a more convenient and focused driving experience around Sevierville and Clinton, TN. To use Alexa, you need to meet a few prerequisites. You will need to be enrolled in Genesis Connected Services, have Amazon Echo plugged in, have the Alexa app downloaded, and have your Wi-Fi and Amazon accounts set up.

Simplify Your Genesis Experience with Amazon Alexa

Once you have everything set up and enabled, you can take advantage of Genesis Alexa Skill, which allows you to remotely control a variety of features and systems. For example, you can command Alexa to start your vehicle with a simple voice command. You can also ask Alexa to set the cabin to a specific temperature so that it's ready for you when the time comes to head out on your next journey around Maryville, TN and Oak Ridge, TN. Alexa voice commands even allow you to lock and unlock your car.

The most secure way to enjoy these features is to only use voice commands and your PIN in private. You should also ensure that when you use Genesis Alexa Skill, your car is locked and your proximity key is not in the vehicle.

Guidance Package Amenities

Finishing off the trio of services that make up the suite of Genesis Connected Services, the Guidance Package adds more convenience to your commutes. This service allows you to search for the desired destination and directly send the location coordinates and directions to your car. Specifically, this package serves as a navigation suite under a different name, but it certainly appears useful for frequent travelers who enjoy going beyond the bounds of Knoxville.


Every new Genesis model now comes with the remarkable Genesis Connected Services program. What's more, these extraordinary amenities are complimentary for your first three years of ownership. That means our valued customers in Knoxville and Maryville TN will have an enhanced Genesis ownership experience with practical services that are available through a variety of convenient access points.

You can, for example, take advantage of control features and other services on the exclusive Genesis owners' smartphone app, through the Web, using buttons located on the rearview mirror and in your Genesis vehicle's center stack. Our Genesis customers can easily enroll their new vehicles in Genesis Connected Services through the assistance of an experienced sales consultant at Grayson Genesis of Knoxville, TN.


Here's a more in-depth perspective on the three major components of this exclusive Genesis program, with a detailed list of the many advantages that are included.


  • The Genesis SOS Emergency Assistance service
  • An automatic notification of local authorities in the event of a collision
  • An enhanced level of Roadside Assistance
  • Genesis Maintenance Alerts
  • A Monthly Health Report on your vehicle
  • A special Service Link
  • The Genesis App
  • Helpful driving information
  • Advanced Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification
  • Diagnostics On Demand


  • The ability to remotely lock and unlock your vehicle's doors
  • Remote control of your Genesis vehicle's horn and lights
  • Remote access to your vehicle's start function and climate controls
  • The ability to find vehicle care services with the Genesis Mobile App
  • Vehicle Safeguards including Valet Alert, Geo Fence and a Speed/Curfew Alert
  • The ability to slow down, immobilize and recover your vehicle if it's stolen


  • A Destination Search powered by your voice
  • The convenience of turn-by-turn navigation
  • A Destination Send to Car feature


As a Genesis owner enrolled in Genesis Connected Services, you have the option of calling Genesis Customer Care directly at 844-340-9741 or you can send an email to


If you have a roadside emergency, need special vehicle services or simply want more information, you can call Genesis Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day at 844-340-9742. As a Genesis owner and a member of Genesis Connected Services, you will want to store this valuable number in your phone.


For any additional inquiries you might have, you can reach out to Genesis Customer Care at 844-340-9741 or send an email to The people at Genesis understand how vital comprehensive customer service information can be and we are dedicated to helping you enjoy a world-class Genesis ownership experience.


One of our friendly, knowledgeable sales consultants will be happy to answer your questions regarding Genesis Connected Services. We're available every business day during our regular business hours listed below. For our valued Genesis customers in Sevierville, Oak Ridge TN and beyond, we are ready to answer any Genesis questions you may have.

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If you feel interested in the Genesis Connected Services suite or need more information, feel free to contact Genesis of West Knoxville. We will discuss this package with you and break out all that it entails.

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